Opening: Sept 23, 2016 / Duration: Sept 24 – Dec 04, 2016
The artists Emmy Eerdmans and Ben Joosten were married for half a century. The Dutch photographer Hanne van der Woude accompanied their last years together with her camera. She captured touching moments – of growing old, of creativity, of their zest for life in old age and of their loving relationship.

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Photo: “Ben, Egbert, Hermann, Mas Malakoff” ©Hanne van der Woude


International Specialists Featuring Upcoming Talents

Kathrin Sonntag, DE, talks to Celina Lunsford “Don’t believe what you see”

Fri, Nov 25, 2016, 6pm
Nothing is as it appears in Kathrin Sonntag’s (*1981) work. Photography caused an enormous change in the way we perceive and understand the world. In her work, the Berlin photographer focuses on that moment in which irritations sneak in as apparent familiarity and visual habits and thought patterns are undermined.

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Photo: FLIC-FLAC #2, 2009 © Kathrin Sonntag

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