“Wonders of the World”

June 17 – September 11, 2016
WONDERS OF THE WORLD brings together nine international positions in contemporary landscape photography. The different viewpoints show the impact that man has on nature and alternatively how nature’s beauty remains an evocative, sometimes provocative constant. Addressing how man deals with energy, resources and waste as well as our responsibilities toward the environment and global warming, the artists document changes and destruction of landscape, which reveal the obvious and the hidden beauty of nature. The fragility of nature is visualized as well as the threats to it. With Olaf Otto Becker, Alejandro Durán, Geir and Kate Jordahl, Matthias Jung, Janelle Lynch, Jamey Stillings, Han Sungpil, Brad Temkin, Federico Winer.

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Next Curator’s tour with Celina Lunsford

Sun, September 04, 3pm

Photo: “Gota (Drop)” from the series “Washed Up: Transforming a Trashed Landscape”, 2011 © Alejandro Durán



Opening: Sept 23, 2016 / Duration: Sept 24 – Dec 04, 2016
The artists Emmy Eerdmans and Ben Joosten were married for half a century. The Dutch photographer Hanne van der Woude accompanied their last years together with her camera. She captured touching moments – of growing old, of creativity, of their zest for life in old age and of their loving relationship.

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Photo: “Ben, Egbert, Hermann, Mas Malakoff” ©Hanne van der Woude

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